A Few Ideas For Eco Friendly Home Improvement Projects

You can apply the teachings of living a green, environmentally friendly lifestyle to home improvement. It's usually the case that the most eco friendly ways of improving your home are the best, and in addition to this you can also save money on your bills. This article will consist of different ways of making some improvements to your home whilst being green at the same time.

Lots of people decide upon sorting out their kitchen first when they think about remodeling. There are many green options to choose from in the kitchen, for example your appliances and the worktops you use. When deciding on which material to use for your countertops you should consider something that's both natural and local, like porcelain tiles or stone, so that you can make a choice that�s green. Also you should try to find out whether or not your kitchen appliances are up to date with the latest energy efficiency standards. All new appliances will have an Energy Star logo, which is what you need to look out for. You can make your home a lot greener by conserving water and in addition to this you can save yourself money by simply being more efficient with water. Installing a low flush toilet, for example, can save you gallons of water every day. Another way you can preserve water is by installing aerators onto your taps, and you can fit your shower with a low flow head. Another thing you should look at is your hot water heater. An environmentally friendly water heater will only give you hot water when you need it, not all of the time. Water barrels, or a rain collection system, will allow you to collect rain water to later use on your lawn.

If you live in an area where the summers get hot, you should be aware of low cost ways to keep your house cool. Lots of people go for central air conditioning units which aren't environmentally friendly and they are expensive, however there are a few alternatives. Fans, especially ceiling fans, can be an efficient way to cool a room.

You can also keep a room cool by blocking out the heat with blinds in a process known as passive cooling. Creating more shade is possible by simply planting some large trees in key areas. If you put your mind to it, you can find many lower cost ways to cool your home so that you can save your air conditioner for days when it's oppressively hot.

When you make up your mind to make greener choices for home improvement, you realize that it's not so difficult. Things actually become easier for you because you're less dependent on others and you will be reducing your bills. Sometimes, however, as with insulation or solar panels, you do have to pay an upfront cost to reap these advantages. In the long run you will definitely get your money's worth from environmentally friendly investments.
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